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This is the archive page for old Pikes Peak Perl Mongers news.

17 July 2001

Added logo for the O'Reilly Users Group Program. [O'Reilly seems to be one of the most clueful companies around, but especially when it comes to using the Internet effectively. - tbc]

10 March 2001

Founder's log. Stardate -322189.5. Just a note since it's been such a long time since the last news item. The group continues to grow and meets once a month for lunch.

7 April 2000

Created a logo for our group.

4 April 2000

Added information about the latest installment of the Colorado Springs Software Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series. Thursday, April 27th, Roger Pressman is giving a talk titled "What a Tangled Web We Weave." Friday, April 28th, Jerry Weinberg is giving a talk titled "Tools and Fools and Schools and Rules."

On March 6th, Donald Reinertsen spoke. On February 4th, Ed Yourdon (http://www.yourdon.com/) spoke. On January 25th, John Musa (members.aol.com/JohnDMusa) spoke.

22 November 1999

A few months ago we started trying to meet once a month for lunch. The date is dependent on the Pikes Peak Linux Users Group meeting. They meet the first Friday of the month, so we've been meeting the Wednesday before that.

Confusing? Get on the mailing list to stay informed of events!

17 August 1999

It's been two days since I took Eric S. Raymond (ESR) to the airport. Silly me. I hadn't internalized the fact that he prefers Python to Perl. Oh, well. Let's not hold that against him :-). His talk at the joint PPLUG/PPPM meeting four days ago was fantastic anyway! It was well worth all the planning (which started May 19th).

Special thanks to the hackers at tummy.com who showed up Friday, hung out Saturday, and helped immensely to make ESR glad he came to Colorado.

Read the Gazette front page story about ESR! Hacker brings message to Springs (Software should be open to all, activist says), August 12th, 1999

Geeks With Guns! In honor of ESR's visit, we held an official "Geeks With Guns!" event at Dragon Man east of Colorado Springs. You can view the photo essay in my Yahoo! Briefcase. It's hard to adequately describe Dragon Man. It's a place. It's a supervised shooting range. He's a man. It's a lifestyle of legal automatic weapons and the fortress to keep the bad guys from getting them. Whoa.

ESR wrote up his impressions. He includes more pictures, too. I'm especially fond of the "tasteful floor display of tripod-mounted .50-caliber machine guns."

Directions to Dragon Man: In Colorado Springs, take I-25 south to the Cimarron St. exit #139. Turn left (east) off the exit ramp onto Cimarron, which is Hwy 24. Follow the signs to stay on Hwy 24 west out of Colorado Springs approximately five miles to Hwy 94. Go eight miles. Turn left onto Curtis Rd. Go a half mile. Turn left on Dragonman Dr.

10 August 1999

Our majordomo list server is up and working in time to accept the flood of new members resulting from the publicity generated by ESR's visit. :-)

6 May 1999

Just got moved in yesterday. There has not yet been a face-to-face meeting.

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